What I am Reading – Buxton Village Books

We went to Buxton Village Books – an independent bookseller located in a small, white house. I love and cherish independent bookstores more than ever – they are a rare commodity in sea of Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. I used to work for a used bookstore in my early twenties and spent more time getting lost in the stacks than working. I got to know the woman, Gee Gee, who runs the place and she had great advice to give, as well as some funny anecdotes about life and love.

Picked up some good reads for my daughter.


Picked up a few for myself, too.

IMG_1651               IMG_0001

She had a quirky and artistic collection of cards and bookmarks. Very unique.


She also carries the Indie Next List – a great list of recommendations from independents. My sister-in-law (who is a librarian) turned me onto this a few years back; I have made some great discoveries based off of this newsletter.


47918 N Carolina 12, Buxton, NC 27920
(252) 995-4240



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