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Today, we took the ferry down to Ocracoke. It was about a half an hour drive from Buxton. The wait, however, was very long. It turns out that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most popular days for daytrips down to the island. Priority is given to locals, as well. We arrived at 10:30, but didn’t get on the ferry until 12:15. Lesson learned for next time.


The ferry ride itself was great. About an hour, with beautiful water and sights.


My grandfather, who was in the Navy, used to pile up my mom, her siblings and cousins and take them down to Ocracoke. There they would watch wild horses and have a picnic on the dunes. It was exciting to take the trip with my mom and Uncle and watch them reminisce and compare modern day Ocracoke with the past.

Just beautiful. Gorgeous dunes, blue skies, and a really charming village. My mom didn’t recall the village from her childhood but pointed out there wasn’t a tourism industry back then. The view right before the ferry landed.


We ate a delicious meal at Dajio. We had a sinful crab dip with extra crostini and I chose a bowl of clam chowder, Hatteras style. It was fresh and delicious.

IMG_3010            IMG_3517

We stopped in a cool store – Mermaid’s Folly. The owner was there and noticed my daughter’s mermaid book. Turns out she was good friends with the Buxton Village Book owner, Gee Gee. She told us the best bet was to wait out the dinner crowd before going back.

IMG_8271      IMG_8541

We were in an ocracoma after that delicious meal.


We took a quick visit to the Ocracoke Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Eastern Seaboard. You can’t climb it – it is a bit smaller than the Hatteras lighthouse.

IMG_0017       IMG_5621

Next stop was the Blackbeard Museum. As most of you know, Ocracoke was his favorite hangout. As you leave the village and look out across the unspoiled dunes, you see why.



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