What I am Reading: Yes, Please


It pays to know librarians. Yes, Please was just released last week, but I asked my library to put in on hold for me the moment it came in.

I’m a huge fan of Amy Poehler, and identify a lot with Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec; I also admire how she and Tina Fey work together and support each other in such a competitive industry and thought she also carried herself really well and respectfully during her divorce from Will Arnett.

On a side note, my cousin attended a wedding where Amy Poehler was also a guest – she said she was down to earth, asked her questions and was every bit as warm and funny as you would think she would be.

It’s a fun read – Amy Poehler has set up the book in little blurbs or sections, so you don’t have to read it from start to finish. Rather, you can pick up a section that interests you, have a laugh, and set it down.

As you can expect, because its Amy Poehler, the book is hilarious and filled with hysterical pictures of her dressed as a man or in 80’s workout gear.

IMG_2252 exhibit A

What I did not expect, was that she offers a lot of life advice, and honesty – she talks frankly about drug use and her childhood, but not in an overly grim way dripping with pathos.

My favorite sections were: bad sleeper, my books on divorce and humping Justin Timberlake mostly likely because I related to two out of the three. Guess which ones:)?



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