My 2015 Reads

My moods vary from year to year, and I often revisit classics and reread some favorites. My biggest reading trends for 2015 included Neil Gaiman, psychological thrillers and World World 2 from a woman’s perspective.

Without a doubt, I would say All the Light We Cannot See was the best book I read for 2015, and The Shadow of the Wind was my favorite new series.

I will begin with recommendations and then close out with the overall list. Stars are for highly recommended.

If you liked Girl on a Train:

Dark Places – Flynn

Before We Met – McCreigh

Luckiest Girl Alive*

The Silent Wife – Harrison *

The Good Girl – Kubica

The Ice Twins – Tremaine *

We Were Liars *

A Long Way Home, Brierly

Good Gaiman Reads

M is for Magic****

The Ocean at the End of the Lane***

The Infinite Sea ***

Trigger Warning

Expand Your Horizons

The Strange Library, Murakami

The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – Alexie

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

The Alchemist – Coelho

The Pearl That Broke its Shell

Shadow of the Wind – Barcelona series – Zafon

World War II & Women

At the Water’s Edge – Gruen

All the Light We Cannot See


As you wish, Elwes (Biography about the Princess Bride

My 2015 in Books

  1. M is for Magic*
  2. The Girl Who Fell From the SKy
  3. The Ocean at the End of the Lane*
  4. The Post Mortal
  5. The Infinite Sea*
  6. The Alchemist*
  7. Sarah’s Key
  8. Getting Schooled
  9. The Pearl That Broke Its Shell
  10. Orange is the New Black
  11. The Hollow CIty
  12. A Walk in the Woods
  13. Trigger Warning*
  14. The Girl on the Train*
  15. As you wish
  16. The Perfect Ghost
  17. The Absolute True Story of a Part Time Indian (reread)
  18. The Epic of Gilgamesh (reread)
  19. Threats
  20. The Shadow of the Wind**
  21. Dark Places
  22. The Angel’s Game*
  23. The Prisoner of Heaven*
  24. A Long Way Home
  25. Reconstructing AMelia
  26. Before We Met
  27. Luckiest Girl Alive*
  28. The Silent WIfe
  29. The Good Girl
  30. The Girl in the Spider’s Web
  31. The Ice Twins*
  32. We were Liars*
  33. At the Waters Edge
  34. The Strange Library*





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