Travel – Granada

Last July, I went to Spain to join my dear friend and travel partner in crime for a road trip. She lives in Rota (the southern part) which allows for easy access to some beautiful and historical cities in Spain.

For one of our trips, We took a train from Jerez de la Frontera to Granada. The wifi was spotty unfortunately, which ended up being a current theme throughout my trip.


Waiting on our train – some sisters fanning themselves in the heat

Granada is very charming and beautiful; it is rather hilly and extremely hot in the summer. The cobblestone streets and pretty buildings were very lovely and we truly enjoyed walking around and taking it in.

IMG_4904.JPG    IMG_4905.JPG

IMG_4908.JPG  IMG_4909.JPG


We went to the old Muslim quarter and found a tea shop with date pastries and delicious mint tea.


There were plenty of teashops selling beautiful sets for a very cheap price. They offered shipping back to the States.

.IMG_4900.JPG IMG_4899.JPG

We hiked up the hill to Sacramonte (a famous flamenco neighborhood) – where they had a number of flamenco shows beginning in the evening, and had the world’s tiniest tapas and glasses of wine at the top of the hill. There are also a number of homes and churches in caves. Views around Sacramonte:

IMG_4924.JPG  IMG_4925-EFFECTS.jpg

The view from the tiny tapas restaurant at the top of the hill:


so peaceful and perfect after our hike



The next day – Alhambra, which was worth every penny of admission. Wandering through the cool halls and lush gardens, every corner presents a new marvel.


From a distance

The nightlife was pretty decent and reasonably priced. We went to several bars and definitely had a wonderful time.


some picasso-esque graffitti


Sacramonte is not the safest neighborhood (there are gypsies), so take caution in the evening and stick to top of the hill to see a flamenco show. There is a bus service and taxis if you do not want to walk uphill.

Granada is extremely hot in the summer. Normal temperatures can reach over 100 degrees in the summer. So if you visit Alhambra, make sure to book an early morning tour and bring plenty of water.






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