What I am Reading: Circling the Sun


Lately, I have been on a war-time strong woman kick. I stopped by my favorite bookstore on Earth, and after citing my recent favorites – All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale, Gigi gave me this recommendation.

The book is historical fiction and follows the life of Beryl Markham, a real life adventuress from Kenya – horse trainer (several Kentucky Derbies under her belt), first Africa-North America flight, and a bunch of interesting affairs – all of our lives pale in comparison truly. She knew Hemingway, after all.

Paula McLain wrote beautifully – how did I miss her? My next order of business is to read her book about Hemingway’s wife The Paris Wife and Markham’s autobiography West with the Night.

Favorite Lines –

Straight through the sickening dips and air pockets, because you can’t chart a course around anything you are afraid of. You can’t run from any part of yourself, and it’s better that you can’t.

Many other dear ghosts were glinting from the past, winks of light playing along the rims of our wineglasses, reminding us of how reckless they’d been and how magnificent.

I’ve sometimes believed that that being loved a little less than others can actually make a person, rather than ruin them.

We can only go to the limits of ourselves – I’ve learned that if nothing else. Anything more and we give too much away. Then we’re not good for anyone.

…but know that what you’ve done is twist something natural into something else. And you can never trust an unnatural thing. You don’t know what it is, and it’s baffled too.









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I am an educator, writer and mother.
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