What I am Reading: How to Be a Tudor


I’ve had a bit of a Tudor obsession ever since I started reading Allison Weir’s histories ten years ago and enjoyed historical fiction such as “The Other Boleyn Girl.” Although its easy to get caught up in romanticized notions of the time from film, I always found the more practical aspects of day-to-day life far more compelling.

Thus “How to Be a Tudor: A Dawn to Dusk Guide to Everyday Life” seemed like a good fit for me. Overall, the book was sound and based on the author’s choice to actually test out recipes and clothing from the time by actually living that way. This method really brought out unexpected insights – most notably- how linen truly kept people from having to bathe as much as we do.

At times, however, I did find certain chapters a little more dull, especially the ones concerning clothing. My favorites, without a doubt, were the ones pertaining to food and preparation. It made me wish I could have a meal prepared with authentic ingredients and with the Tudor methodology.

The author also has another book about the Victorian era that may interest you, as well.

Also, The Private Lives of Tudors by Tracy Borman was released in May 2016. She wrote a fun article “The Private Lives of Tudors” on tudortimes.co.uk. Check it out here:




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