What I am Reading: Turn Right at Machu Picchu


I picked up this book to gear up for the next big dream trip: Machu Picchu. This book is very much in the spirit of A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. You have a rookie hiker who wants to tackle a great feat (the Appalachian Trail) who intersperses his experiences with history.

Here, Mark Adams attempts to follow the trail that Hiram Bingham III (American discoverer of Machu Picchu) originally took with the help of a seasoned guide, John Leivers. Like Bryson, he juxtaposes his experiences with Bingham’s fascinating history and travels. I instantly related to the book when Adam’s guide initially asks him when was the last time he went camping, and the author admits to the readers it had been decades.Adams does an exceptional job describing the sites, and his companions, but I must admit my favorite parts were when he detailed Bingham’s experiences and the significance of his vision/determination.

Towards the end, Adams is quick to point out that the typical 2-3 hour trip to the top forces the traveler to miss a lot of majesty, and that so much has yet to be discovered about this mysterious site.



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