Travel: Montreal

I learned a powerful lesson this summer. Whenever you travel somewhere new, be sure to do a food tour on the first day. This provides you with great ideas for dining out for the remainder of your vacation. This was in perfect keeping with our decision to eat and drink our way through Montreal.

Without a doubt, the best experience we had in Montreal was The Old Montreal Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour. The tour consisted of seven stops – with four sit down experiences. We chose both the vegetarian and regular options and were immensely pleased with the results.

First Stop: Brit and Chips

These were the best fish and chips I have had outside of the U.K. The fish was caught fresh that morning and the potatoes were heavenly.

Second Stop: Cantinho de Lisboa

I enjoyed the garbanzo bean salad, and thought the little shop had interesting choices.

Third Stop: Crew Labs Collective & Cafe

This restaurant was located inside the gorgeous and historical First Bank of Canada. There, we had an interpretive BLT on delicious whole grain bread with a fresh, summer tomato. It was so delicious I forgot to take a picture. True story.

Fourth Stop: Cookie Stefanie

When the tour guide mentioned a gluten-free bakery, as I have yet to have any kind of gluten-free dessert I have enjoyed. I was proven wrong with their carrot cake. Even the kid approved.

Fifth Stop: Le Petit Dep


This was an adorable high-end convenience store with gourmet chocolates and treats. We ended up returning before we left to go home.

Sixth Stop: Souers Grises

This was an artisanal microbrewery – here we sampled ciders, beer, and cheeses.

Seventh stop: Soupe soup

This was a lunch spot with locally sourced food. The showstopper was their Montreal version of bread pudding with a maple syrup reduction: Pouding Chomeur. My god. Fortunately, we got to take home the recipe.

In addition, we received interesting facts and history about Montreal – their culture, and development.




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