What I am Reading: The Marriage of Opposites

index.jpgAlice Hoffman is one of my guilty pleasures; I fell in love with her writing when Practical Magic made the book lists. She has an easy story-telling style, and she makes it look effortless. Her stories range from light to heavy, but always seem to visit the theme of “what is a family?”

The Marriage of Opposites is ambitious. She follows a Jewish family in the 1800’s in St. Thomas, and yet the story is so much more: she has multiple doubles and patterns throughout – sister vs. sister, mother vs. daughter, child vs. parent, all set against a backdrop of the Caribbean and later the grays of Paris. At times, the story almost got away from her, but as she always loves to weave in magic and mythology, I found myself compelled. I truly enjoyed the perspectives and, as always, Hoffman’s writing.

Lines I enjoyed:

-Then I understood that when someone begins to tell you her story, you are entwined together. Perhaps even more so if the ending hasn’t been divulged.

-Then let us be among those who hope that the future will be less cruel than the past.

-I KNEW I MUST do all as I was told, yet something burned inside me, a seed of defiance that must have derived from a long-ago ancestor. Perhaps my mind was inflamed from the books I had read and the worlds I had imagined

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I am an educator, writer and mother.
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