Beach Reads

I’m getting ready to do a little traveling, and to have some necessary beach time. I love to read on the beach, but hate to drag hard covers and library books out onto the sand.

At this point, I usually head to a secondhand store and find some paperbacks that can take a beating. I also like to do this for traveling on airplanes, because I travel very light. When I’m done with the book, I can leave it behind, give it away, or tuck it in a side pocket for later. This is especially useful for cheap flights, as they don’t have any entertainment. I know at this point, some of you are asking why I don’t just use a Kindle or an Ereader. My answer is, I just love the feel of a real book in my hand. That simple action and the weight, relax me before I’ve even begun to read a single sentence.

This summer I’m immersing myself in some of my favorite magical realism authors, in the hopes of improving and enriching my magical realism class. I’m also going to read The Dark Tower series- despite having read 80% of Stephen King’s work,  I never begin the series until now. I’m not sure about the Allende novels – sometimes I absolutely love her storytelling, and sometimes I feel indifferent. I am most excited about Love in the Time of Cholera. Garcia Marquez is a personal favorite, and I have been meaning to re-read 100 Years of Solitude this year-so this feels like a warm-up. 


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I am an educator, writer and mother.
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